Boat Bottom Cleaning

Wet abrasive blasting process removing paint from yacht bottom at Alden Yachts Note: How there is limited dust and watery mess.

AtlanticGreenPros process for restoring just about any surface to like new condition in the marine sector.

Since the creation of our revolutionary process for surface restoration we have been constantly amazed at the results this system produces both indoors and outdoors, the process is extremely clean using a fraction of the media that other systems use all while removing dirt, grime, grease, stains, paint and rust from just about any surface imaginable. Atlantic Green Pros main focus has been to deliver green surface coating solutions, first with our proven wet abrasive blasting process which utilizes recycled glass media to strip away ugly coating to our recent addition to the Blastrac process which again utilizes recycled steel shot to strip away and profile concrete for new surface coatings. What type of surfaces does the AtlantcGreenPro system clean? Just about anything. The AtlanticGreenPro system quickly and safely cleans and removes contaminates like dirt, grease, grime, oils, rust, chemicals including fire damage as well as paint, graffiti and or just any other surface coating from stone, brick, concrete, stucco, portland cement, stamped concrete, aggregate cement, asphalt, composites, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, cast metals, plastic and wood and it does it all with a fraction of the mess that other systems produce leaving your environment and job site clean. How does our process compare with other cleaning and restoration processes:

Below and on the right hand side of this web page are areas ideal for our AtlanticGreenPro surfaces restoration process .

Just some of the boats weve done recently We do a lot of boats and this is just a sampling of recent work... we also NOW paint boat bottoms at our shop in Mt Holly NJ!

Before: 25 Bimini This was a nice 25 footer we recently did it had twin diesels. A big boat that I under estimated... Any way it was a nice boat!.